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Remodeling your bathroom

Your bathroom is often the smallest and busiest place in your home. Although it is a small space it requires many craftsmen to complete. At Same Day Construction, the bathroom remodel contractor in Fort Lauderdale we have a team of experienced professionals to handle all aspects of the job and make sure the job goes quickly and efficiently.

Treat yourself to your perfect new modern bathroom. Today, there are so many different options and routes that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Allow us to guide you through the transition you deserve.

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Why Trust Us With Your Bathroom Remodel

Same Day Construction is THE bathroom remodel contractor in Fort Lauderdale to turn to when you are looking to renovate the bathrooms in your home. When you choose Same Day Construction, you are choosing high quality contractor. We are a trusted company with a professional crew, capable of a wide range of renovations for your bathroom remodel.

4 Reasons Why You Need A Bathroom Remodeling

Save money and go green

The EPA estimated that if one in ten homes upgraded their bathrooms with energy-efficient fixtures, over 70 billion gallons of water and $1.5 Billion worth of energy costs would be saved. Upgrading to LED, low-flush toilets and water saving showerheads are just a few updates that will start saving you money right away.

Increase buyer apeal and property value

Outdated bathrooms can be deterrent to your potential home buyer. A bathroom remodel will not only look new, clean and inviting, it will increase your home’s value.

Personal comfort

Put in a new jet tub to relax at the end of the day or extend your shower area for more comfort. Maybe you want a Bidet? You are in here every day, for many years to come, let’s make sure it’s a soothing comfortable environment.

More luxurious more modern

Nobody likes the old pink bathrooms from the 50’s anymore. Let’s modernize and update with your bathroom remodel and make it more functional and attractive and stylish. We will put down new flooring, a new color scheme, new LED lighting and a nice tub with jets.

Frequently asked questions

If you are just looking to change out the sink and counter, or other small changes that would be a renovation. If you are tired of your bathroom and want it all redone and looking totally different, that is a bathroom remodel.

Most bathroom renovations should only take 2-3 days. A Full bathroom remodel can take a bit longer, 2-3 weeks, possible longer if your material is out of stock or harder to receive.

Yes. On Average and bathroom remodel can add more than $9000 to your homes value. An upscale remodeling can up to $30,000! For most of us a it can be a significant financial undertaking, but the return on investment is worth it, not to mention the years of comfort it will bring you.

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